Grass Sprout Dish Tray Vegetable Planting Seed Rack

Grass Sprout Dish Tray Vegetable Planting Seed Rack


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Product Description

Sprouts are also called “germinated seeds” and are available in a greenhouse environment. Nutrients in sprouts easily digested and absorbed by the human body. Sprout vegetable cultivation method is simple, growth cycle is short, both beautify the environment, but also cultivate sentiment, add happiness to life!

Planting Methods:

1. Soak: Throw away the bad seeds, and then clean the seeds again seeds, seeds soaked in water 12 hours, separated days can be replaced once the water.
2. Shop Paper: Shop a nursery paper on the grid tray, with a watering can paper spray wet, spray more water, to ensure that the nursery paper to wet through.
3. Sprinkle: Sprinkle the soaked seeds evenly on paper, seed as far as possible not to overlap, and then sprayed with a watering can.
4. Cover paper: Sprinkle the seeds in the top and then covered with a piece of paper, and then spray wet, so moisturizing germination, placed in a ventilated and fry place, during germination avoid the sun.
5. Water Spray: Spray 3-5 times a day or so, according to the temperature and humidity around differences in their own control, can be more or less.
6. Add Water: Sprout after the root need to add water to the chassis, the water level to contact to the grid plate is appropriate, not soak into the seed, or capacity easily rotten, according to the local temperature of the chassis of water 1-2 days replace onto is appropriate.
7. Remove the paper: Such as buds grow to about 1 cm high when removed above of the paper, and then continue to spray until the harvest(according to when different temperatures can be removed earlier).
8. Harvest: Sprout vegetable before the final harvest, insist on watering every day 3 times, generally between 5-15 cm height can be harvest.

Product Specification:

  • Package Included: 1 x Sprout grass rack
  • Note: Planting indoor temperature 15c or so, from the foam product to harvest 8-14 days.,
  • Note: Spray 2-3 times a day, but the chassis can not water.
  • Note: Seedlings grow to 2cm when not covered, but then let the product can not dry moisture.
  • Note: Before germination in the dark, after sprouting to scattered light, the kitchen, living room table on the balcony corners can be, but avoid exposure.


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